philrodriguez 2015
©2016 Phil Rodriguez

Phil Rodriguez is a Northwest artist who works in multiple art disciplines. Born in Manila, Phil’s art influences started at an early age growing up during the early stages of mass media explosion.

Later as a young student studying for his BFA degree, Phil participated in numerous local and international art exhibitions, started a small print business, and worked as an apprentce illustrator for J. Walter Thompson Advertising in Manila. He also freelanced for ad agencies and design studios and later as graphic consultant for The Ministry of Agriculture of the Philippines prior to relocating to North America.

A prolific artist and long time Kirkland resident, Phil made his living locally as a fine artist, integrated graphic designer, photographer, new media developer, a poster designer for a national publisher, and in media content for Expedia. His fine art were shown at local venues including Kirkland Arts Center, Bellevue Arts Fair, Bumbershoot Visual Art Exhibit, Kirkland Performance Center and King County Metro Public Art Space.

Phil is a volunteer for the City of Kirkland, local Church communities as council and committee member, and Sacristan for St. Brendan Parish in Bothell. He also worked briefly for the Archdiocese of Seattle as staff for The Blessed Sacrament Church Seattle.

Phil continues creating new art and methods, always seeking unity and truth between a simple daily life, and his love for the arts.

More Work Samples of Phil Rodriguez


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